Rehabilitation in Women's Sports




womens sports medicine, anterior cruciate ligament, acl, rehabilitation, sport specific rehabilitation, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, ballet


This special issue is dedicated to addressing rehabilitation and return to sport considerations after ACL reconstruction with a specific focus on women’s sports: indoor volleyball, field hockey, American soccer, and ballet.  Each contribution provides a brief review of the sport, identifies sex-differences in injury patterns, and discusses the unique rehabilitation considerations when treating the female athlete. Most importantly, each manuscript delineates a thoughtful and detailed late-stage rehabilitation program targeting advanced sports-specific tasks, as well as the specific parameters that are recommended for clearance and full participation in each sport.   On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, we are thrilled to be able to present this issue to increase the availability of rehabilitation protocols specific to women’s sports. With particular thanks to our contributors for lending their expertise to this special edition, we hope that it will increase the  knowledge and tools available for the clinicians who provide care for female athletes, while serving as another step toward achieving equitable medical management for women in sport.







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Foreword: Rehabilitation in Women’s Sports. (2022). Journal of Women’s Sports Medicine, 2(2), 41.

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